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Dr. George Dabdoub
Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

Prior to starting my career in the Los Angeles Police Department, I deployed to Operation Desert Storm as an active-duty Marine. After Marine Corps active duty, my career with LAPD provided me with the opportunity to complete a wide variety of assignments including as a gang officer, narcotics officer, patrol, and firearms and tactics instructor. I served for over 25 years and retired as a Detective working Major Crimes Division. My interest in psychology developed during my career in law enforcement when I was first exposed to the Crisis Negotiation Training (CNT) and the Mental Health Intervention Training (MHIT). 


I completed my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of La Verne. My research explored the costs associated with serving in law enforcement and looked at several factors including burnout, compassion fatigue, suicidality, and use of force. I provided presentations on these findings and other mental health challenges facing law enforcement to various police agencies, associations, and organizations. In my clinical training and experience, I worked with diverse groups including adults who were at risk for suicide, struggling with severe mental illness, or who experienced trauma throughout their lifespan. I worked in several hospital settings, including private hospitals and the Veterans Health Administration where I completed rotations with the PTSD Clinical Team, Behavioral Health Interdisciplinary Program, Substance Treatment and Recovery, Inpatient Consultation & Liaison Emergency Service Team, and Health Psychology.  


Before forming Bellator Psychological and Consultants Corporation, I served as the Regimental Clinical Psychologist for an active-duty Marine Corps command with a high deployment tempo. In addition to my clinical work with the active-duty service members, I implemented various programs aimed at preventing and mitigating mental health concerns, reducing stigma, increasing resilience, and improving overall mission performance. I also worked in private practice as a First Responder Clinical Director and as a Regional Director for a pain management practice. I continue to focus my clinical skills on PTSD, burnout, moral injury, chronic pain, compassion fatigue, and suicidality.

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