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Alicia Rodriguez Marenco
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Hola! My name is Alicia Rodriguez Marenco. I am a Mexican American, mother of two, and the surviving spouse of U.S. Marine Cpl. Douglas Marenco. I am a licensed clinical social worker with a background in


I want to start this bio from a very personal place.

On May 18, 2003, the news of my husband not returning home alive from Iraq reached my front door. Soon after, grief took a turn to depression which started to consume my life. The pivotal point was when my mother gently encouraged me to attend college courses under the military survivor benefit stipend. I began my healing process through my own therapy and by meeting empathic professors, counselors, and colleagues. Along my academic journey, I discovered a passion for social work and the mental health field.

I have over 10 years of experience working with families of diverse backgrounds, ranging in age from 5-85 in settings such as hospitals, schools, community outreach, and outpatient clinics.


My preferred style of work is in person. I am bilingual and trained in evidenced based practices such as dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) to target symptoms of complex trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, emotion dysregulation, and suicide prevention.

Together we can define and work towards your goals with consideration to your unique learning style (audio, visual, narrative, storytelling, art, movement, etc.).

I would be honored to listen to your story.

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